Catalina Marine Society
Scientific Mooring at
The CMS plans to maintain a scientific mooring at the Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies (WIES) near Two Harbors, Santa Catalina Island.
The project is intended to measure biologically important data over many years and is discussed in the first issue of

The instrumentation was deployed on December 4, 2010 as described in the report below.
Latest:  The pilot project at WIES has ended with 11 data-collecting deployments. Data will be
quality checked and analyzed. The sonde is now used in a depth-profiling project.
COVE02      No data
pH sensor added
Data in Exel spreadsheets
                                                           Contact CMS for format of the merged data sets
ProjectHour, year, month, day,hour,minute, tempC, SpCond(mS/cm), salinity (ppt), DO%, DOconc, DOcharge, pH, pHvolts, chl, Battery volts, TDS, resistivity