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The Ocean Projects 1979
Year Book in 3 parts
1979 Year Book Part 1
1979 Year Book Part 2
1979 Year Book Part 3
The year 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the publication of
the Ocean Projects 1979 year book describing oceanographic
studies at the White Point Shore Station. These studies were
organized by Paul Meister, an aerospace engineer by day but first
and foremost a lover of the ocean and the life within.

Paul gave generations of Angelenos his excitement of scuba
diving and especially of his premier dive site: White Point. He was
careful that it was called White Point and not White's Point. He
worked out of Issei Cove named in honor of the Japanese who
frequented the area before WWII.

He studied there for over 20 years until his death in 2004.  His
work included observing the fish, the kelp and the invertebrates,
making extensive observations of their behavior. He named every
feature in the cove, and drew detailed maps depicting the area.
One of the first charts I saw of his was the density of abalone per
square meter. By the time I was diving Issei Cove, there was
never an abalone to be seen.

Paul organized or assisted in abalone experiments, kelp
experiments, hydrothermal vent experiments and many more. In
later years he organized the "Peanut" Conferences, one held at
Cal Tech and another at Scripps, where amateur researchers
would present and discuss their findings. His and his colleagues'
work are a valuable baseline for our current ocean studies.