Catalina Marine Society
CCD Data
The CMS has undertaken the organization of the Catalina Conservancy Divers' (CCD) temperature data. The CCD has measured ocean temperatures around the island
for 20 years. These data are being put into Excel spreadsheets and made web accessible as resources permit. Data sets are listed in the HOBO and Data Summary tables
that can be downloaded using the links below. These tables can be searched and sorted using standard Excel functions to determine if desired ocean data sets exists and
their corresponding calibration data sets. The ocean data sets can be downloaded via links appearing on the deployment's site web pages with links to those pages also
appearing below. If a desired data set appears in the data-set listings but there is no link to it, please request it from the CMS. Contact information can be obtained from
the CMS Home link above.
Data collection sites:

1. WIES*
2. Little Harbor*
3. CINP: Channel Island National Park
4. Pumpernickel Cove
5. East End*
6. Eagle Rock
7. Church Rock
8. Eagle Reef
9. Cactus Bay*
10. Casino Point

* main data collection site
Data were collected at 4 main sites and several ancillary ones. The main sites had thermographs deployed on the
bottom at 15 ft, 30 ft and 60 ft. The WIES site has an additional  thermograph deployed at 100 ft. Other sites were
instrumented to support various studies, and unless noted otherwise, had a bottom-mounted thermograph at 40 ft.
Typically, sampling period was 1 hour. Web accessible data are from approximately 2005 onwards, with the goal of
getting all CCD (from 1991 to the present) online.
Data have not been quality assured. We strongly recommend you contact the CMS before using these data for scientific analysis.