Catalina Marine Society
Manual Membership Application
Please send the following required information to the Catalina Marine Society via e-mail or post to the address below:

Name, e-mail address, postal address, reason you wish to join the Society, and that you agree with our mission statement.

Dues can be paid through the "Donate" link or checks made payable to the "Catalina Marine Society" sent to the following

   Catalina Marine Society
                                                                        19872 Collins Road
                                                                  Canyon Country CA 91351

If you are interested in contributing to the work of the Society in other ways, please let us know. Categories and examples of
needed volunteer work are listed below.

Lab                                                                 Field                                                                Office

 Data analysis                                                       Boating                                                Web design/programming
     GIS                                                                   Diving                                                              Graphics
 Programming                                            Instrument calibration                                       Photography/Videography
                                             Hardware/Equipment fabrication and mounting                       

Magazine/newsletter                                               Fund raising                                                    Press/publicity

    Reporting                                                     Event planning                                                Public speaking
   Publishing                                                     Event volunteer                                              Newspaper articles
     Editing                                                           Grant writing
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