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Why measure Catalina's ocean?
Depth-Profiling Protocol
Tenth Deployment 06/17/2017 using EXO2 in Avalon
N 33 deg 20.580 min, W 118 deg 19.507 min
Coast Guard Buoy, pH is uncertain.
EXO2 06/17/2017
Eleventh Deployment on 08/05/2017 at Coast
Guard buoy was bust due to low battery voltage
12th Deployment 08/20/2017 at Avalon
Coast Guard Buoy
EXO2 08/20/2017
13th Deployment 10/04/2017 at Avalon
Coast Guard Buoy
14th Deployment 11/25/2017 at Avalon was
aborted due to hight winds
15th Deployment 12/28/2017 at Avalon
Coast Guard Buoy (perfect day). pH
data on verge of miscalibration
16th Deployment 01/21/2017 at Avalon
Coast Guard Buoy (another great day)
Note that pH sensor failed calibration
EXO2 01/21/2018
17th Deployment 02/25/2018 at Avalon
Coast Guard Buoy. Note the pH sensor was
not replaced due to vendor logistics.
Data taken before June 2017
Field data after June 2017
18th Deployment 03/18/2018 at Avalon Coast
Guard Buoy. New pH sensor installed.
19th Deployment 04/29/2018 at Avalon Coast
Guard Buoy. Good swell. Everything worked.
20th Deployment 05/20/2018 at Two
Harbors Coast Guard Buoy. Good data.
21st Deployment 06/16/2018 at Avalon
Coast Guard Buoy
Dana Point Dockside 06/10/2018
Dockside measurements during
WIES 60ft Mooring Deployment
7/14/2018 - 8//2/2018
EXO2_WIES_07/14/2018 - 08/02/2018
22nd deployment Emerald Bay (near
Two Harbors) 09/09/2018
WIES 60ft Mooring Deployment
09/20/2018 - 10/12/2018
combined with thermograph data
at 20ft (10281199), 40ft(106293115)
and 80ft(10779230)
23rd deployment to Coast Guard Buoy, Avalon.
Windy morning but
successful deployment on 11/17/2018
Calibration data from June 2017 onward
Data Portal
24th deployment, near Coast Guard buoy.
Sailboat race starting at buoy interfered with
profiling and limited to 80 ft. 03/24/2019.
Executed with new EXO1 (without full
complement of sensors). EXO2 was being
deployed at WIES (see mooring data page).
Article on CDOC mooring deployment
25th deployment via drifting boat at
Avalon. Cold and wet day. EXO2
deployed with redundant pH and
temp/conductivity sensors.

Conductivity was not calibrated
correctly for both sensors and all  
quantities derived from conductivity
are incrorrect.