Catalina Marine Society
Technical Documents

California Island Symposium (2003) and appearing in the
Proceedings can be found in Catalina Island Temperature

Seasonal temperature dynamics of the upper ocean in the
Southern California Bight, J. Geophys. Res., 113, C04034,

Diurnal and Semidiurnal Internal Waves Near Two Harbors,
Santa Catalina, California Vol 7 (2014): 8th California Islands

Chlorophyll Dynamics around the Southern Channel Islands,
Western North American Naturalist, 78(4) 2018.


First Results from the Catalina Dynamic Ocean Chemistry
Project, Southern California Academy of Sciences Meeting,
Northridge, CA, 2019.

Chlorophyll dynamics and nitrate modulations around San
Nicolas and Santa Catalina, CalCOFI Conference, La Jolla, CA,

Seasonal Variation and Modeling of Phytoplankton, Nitrate and
Temperature at Santa Catalina Island, Ocean Optics XXIV,
Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2018.

The Catalina Dynamic Ocean Chemistry Project,
Southern California Academy of Sciences 2018 meeting,
Cal Poly Pomona.

Citizen Science Symposium, Aquarium of the Pacific
Long Beach, March 2018

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018 Portland
Seasonal Chlorophyll/Nitrate model for Santa Catalina

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2016 New Orleans
Chlorophyll Dynamics in SoCal Bight poster

Southern California Academy of Sciences 2015
Annual Meeting poster, Loyola Marymount University, Los

Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014 poster Honolulu, HI

CalCOFI 2012 poster Pacific Grove, California

Southern California Academy of Sciences Meeting poster

Ocean Sciences 2012 poster Salt Lake City

Ocean Sciences 2010 poster Portland, Oregon

Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific presentation 2008:

UCLA talk 2008: UCLA-SOCALtemp_04282008.pdf

Oceans Sciences 2008 presentation - Orlando Fl.

CalCOFI Conference 2005 presentation:  CalCOFItalk.pdf

Presentation to the American Academy of Underwater Sciences
(2004): AAUS slides.pdf

Talk for Catalina Conservancy Divers (CCD) 2004:

Sixth California Island Symposium talk, 2003:


EXO Study of pH Temperature Dependence

Southern California Bight Temperature Model Equation

Feasibility of Tide Measurements at Two Harbors

El Nino and the California Current System: ElNino_CCS.pdf

A Literature Review on the Effects of Wind on the California
Current System: AS215_paper_61305.pdf

Santa Monica Bay buoy temperature diurnal modulation study:
meteorological or tidal forcing:  SMBbuoytemp.pdf, 2008.
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