Catalina Marine Society
Older Depth Profiling Data from YSI 6600
These data were collected using the older YSI 6600 sonde and associated sensors. Depths are provided by an independent diver's logger attached to the sonde.
Sensor calibrations were performed before the sonde was fielded and calibration data are located in the rightmost column.
Catalina Marine Society
First deployment raw data and quick look
Second deployment raw data 06/28/2014
Third deployment raw data 10/10/2014
note: time offset between YSI and Sensus
Fourth deployment raw data 01/03/2015
Fifth deployment - technical difficulties 05/08/2015
Sixth deployment raw data 05/30/2015
Seventh deployment raw data 09/16/2015
Eighth Deployment on 01/14/2016
Ninth Deployment on 02/26/2017