Catalina Marine Society
Data Portal
Welcome to the Catalina Marine Society Data Portal. Our Portal is intended to be the go-to page to find data collected or maintained
by the CMS. This page is linked to others describing specific data collections. Questions regarding data quality or availability should be
sent to

Below are links to our scientific mooring data, temperature data collected as part of our Continental Thermograph Array (CTA) project,
and some temperature data collected by the Catalina Conservancy Divers. The Catalina Marine Society (CMS) assumes no responsibility
for the accuracy of the data and we strongly suggest that you contact the CMS before using the data for any matter of significance.
The CMS Scientific Mooring at the Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies
(WIES) near Two Harbors has been collecting data with a series of deployments
since Dec 2010 and with a growing list of instrumentation.
The CMS is constructing the Continental Thermograph Array (CTA).
As data are retrieved from the ocean, they are retrievable here on-line.

CTA data links are being reworked and data are being reformatted for user
. Contact us if the data you want hasn't been reformatted yet.
Data collected by the CCD have been converted to Excel spreadsheets.
Instrumentation used in the CMS Scientific Mooring project at WIES are
now used in our Depth-Profiling Program. After QA they are available here.