Catalina Marine Society
CCD Thermograph Project
Phase 1. Description of the
temperature variation.
Phase 2. Analysis of the
annual variation.
Phase 3. Analysis of
internal tides in the SCB.
Phase 4. Temperature
variation of intermediate
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Catalina temperatures
Annual temperature variation
Example upwellings
Catalina Conservancy Divers have maintained an array of
underwater thermographs at various sites and depths
around the island since 1992. This data set is unique in
Southern California, providing continuous, hourly samples
at multiple depths for multiple years.

The analysis of the CCD data has been organized into 4
phases. The first is an description of the largest
temperature variations, including seasonal warming and
internal tidal waves. The second and third phases analyze
the physics of these systematic variations.

The final phase will survey the data for variations of
intermediate frequency, i.e., those with time scales of
weeks to months.

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The first three phases have been completed and the fourth
is awaiting resources.
Internal waves at Two Harbors