Catalina Marine Society
Organization/Board of Directors
Board of Directors and Officers                            
-   Paul Dimeo
-   Shawn Broes
-   Jonathan Davies         
-   Michael Doran           President
-   Craig Gelpi                 Chief Scientist/VP
-   Karen Norris               Secretary
-   Andrew Solomon
       Vice President                 
-   James Updike
-   Desda Sisson             
Jim Updike has been the President and
CEO of Honda Federal Credit Union
since 1986. Honda Federal Credit
Union serves the banking needs for
Associates of the Honda Companies
and members of their families
worldwide with nine branch offices in
five states. HFCU holds assets of over
$500 million with 55,000 members.
Jim has been an active diver since
1994. He was a scientific diver at
Wrigley Institute for Environmental
Studies and served on the Board of
Directors of Catalina Conservancy
Divers. Jim was also the Director of
Research Diver Training for CCD.

Jim serves on the Board of Directors
of the California Credit Union League
and the RMJ Foundation.
Michael D. Doran obtained his
Bachelor of Science degree, in
Biology with special emphasis in
marine science, from San Diego State
University in 1975.  In 1979 he
obtained a Juris Doctorate in law from
California Western School of Law in
San Diego.  He has been practicing
law for more than 30 years in various
civil litigation and workers
compensations fields, and currently
specializes in matters under
jurisdiction of the federal Longshore &
Harbor Workers Compensation Act.  
For many years he acted as a Judge Pro
Tem, mediator, and arbitrator with the
Los Angeles County Superior Courts in
Torrance and San Pedro.  Mr. Doran
has been a certified scuba diver since
1974, and is an active scientific
research diver with Catalina
Conservancy Divers through the USC
Wrigley Institute of Environmental
Studies at Catalina.  He has been
involved with Catalina Conservancy
Divers, a support group of the Catalina
Island Conservancy, in various
capacities including the Board of
Directors, Director of Research Diver
Training, and President.
Craig Gelpi is a research and
development manager for a local
aerospace company. He has a B.S.
degree from Tulane University in New
Orleans, where he majored in physics
and mathematics. He obtained a
doctorate in physics from the
University of Houston, researching
plasma instabilities in aurora and
performed post doctoral studies at
Boston University. His professional
research interests include remote
sensing of the ocean. His recreational
interests include physical and
biological oceanography. He was a
scientific diver at the Wrigley Institute
of Environmental Studies. Craig is a
founding member of the Catalina
Marine Society, where he contributes
to many of the Society’s research
Karen Norris is a research and
development engineer at a local
aerospace company. She has over 20
years experience in remote sensing and
signal processing. Karen first earned a
B. S. in Mathematics at UCLA. After
years of SCUBA diving and
collaborating on a Catalina
Conservancy Divers’ research project,
she returned to UCLA to earn a M. S.
in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.
Karen gives strong support to the local
diving community, having belonged to
many dive clubs and sometimes
serving in an administrative capacity.
Jonathan Davies manages a diving
department for a local sports store. He
moved from England to California to
attend California State University,
Dominguez Hills, where he earned a
degree in journalism. He went on to
work as a reporter and editor at
various newspapers in Southern
California, including the entertainment
trade paper, The Hollywood Reporter.
He has been an avid scuba diver since
1994, diving for both for fun and as a
professional dive master. Jon has
explored underwater in many parts of
the world but prefers diving in
California to anywhere else.
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Shawn Broes is a native Californian,
with a degree in Communications
from Cal State Fullerton and further
education in editing at AFI &
Moviola Digital. He has been in the
entertainment business for 28 years,
with much of that time as a Feature
Film Visual Effects Editor, helping
his comrades win several Oscars.
He has been involved with such
projects as "The Abyss", "Titanic",
"O Brother, Where Art Thou?", "I,
Robot", "Hunger Games", and
He has unlimited enthusiasm for
anything Catalinian and works with
various organization promoting this
island, and indeed, all the Channel
Paul Dimeo is currently the Dive
Safety Officer for the Aquarium of
the Pacific in Long Beach, CA where
he is responsible for over 230 divers
conducting over 19,000 dives
annually. Paul’s diving background
includes 10 years of commercial
diving in the offshore oilfields, as an
air, mixed-gas, and saturation diver
and supervisor, and a NAUI &
SDI/TDI Scuba Instructor. Paul
currently also serves as a board
member of the Association of Dive
Program Administrators and a
member of the USC Diving Control
Andrew Solomon earned a Bachelor of
Science in Marine Biology, with
Honors in the Major, from the
University of California, Santa Cruz in
2011. Andrew has worked as an
Underwater Explorers Instructor for the
Monterey Bay Aquarium, and as an
Assistant Diving Safety Officer of both
Exhibit Diving Operations, and Open
Ocean and Scientific Diving Operations
for the Aquarium of the Pacific. He is
currently the Diving Safety Officer and
Boating Safety Officer for the
California Science Center Foundation
in Los Angeles. Andrew holds
certifications as an AAUS Scientific
Diver, a licensed NAUI Scuba
Instructor, a NAUI Reef Check
California Ecodiver Specialty
Instructor, and a DAN Diving First Aid
for Professional Divers Instructor. He
also wrote NAUI specialty course
standards for an "experience scuba"
style course titled Working in Space -
Junior Astronaut Training.

Desda Sisson earned a BS in Marine
Biology and a Minor is Scientific
Diving from Humboldt State
University in 2014. Desda has
previously worked for Guided
Discoveries as a marine science and
dive instructor on Catalina Island. She
volunteers for various institutions and
universities as a Scientific Dive
Instructor and Diving Safety Officer in
California. Currently, she is currently
the Diving Safety Officer for Field
Operations at the Aquarium of the
Pacific where she oversees all
scientific diving and boating opts
within the institution. Desda holds
certifications as a NAUI Dive
Instructor, AAUS Scientific Dive
Instructor, USCG Captain, and an
air-diluent CCR diver.